What Is A Bifurcated Divorce In California

Bifurcation means dividing a divorce action into two or more separate parts. A divorce case may take months and even years to resolve depending on the issues involved such as support, alimony, and property division. In such case, a couple may seek bifurcation or division of their divorce case to have their marital status changed and be back to a single status as soon as possible in a separate trial and deal with the rest of the remaining issues afterwards. California Family Code Section 2337 (a). Some of the reasons for which a couple may seek a bifurcated divorce is: a) one spouse wants to remarry before the other issues are resolved; b) spouses want to be declared single for tax purposes; c) one spouse has filed for bankruptcy and there is an automatic stay on the pending divorce case due to that; d) one spouse drags the settlement agreement in order to punish the other spouse.

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