Spousal Support


n California, what is frequently referred to as alimony is known as spousal support. This is the financial support paid by one spouse to the other following separation or divorce. Spousal support or Alimony is different from child support and in some cases both child support and spousal support may be awarded by the Court to one spouse.The goal of Spousal Support is helping you maintain the lifestyle to which you are accustomed. During the course of a marriage, each party is likely to make several sacrifices for the good of the union. Most of the time those sacrifices include delaying your education, or foregoing gainful employment or career advancement to care for your children, in such a case, it may be difficult to support yourself following a divorce or separation. Spousal support may be the answer to your concerns. With the help of our office, you may be able to find the financial assistance you need to follow your path to self-sufficiency.


Spousal Support Factors

California statutes set forth a long list of factors considered in determining spousal support. Included in that list are such things as the age and health of the parties, their education, training, length of time working, length of the marriage (short v. long), each persons earning ability, expenses, tax consequences, and other economic factors. A judge must also make a decision as to the duration and amount of support. Because California has not adopted guidelines for the determination of spousal support as it has for child support, the question of spousal support can be a real source of contention between the parties.

Temporary Spousal Support

During the period between filing a petition for dissolution of marriage and the final judgment, a spouse may request, and the court may make an order for, temporary support based on the same factors considered in making a final support award. A temporary order will not affect the final order but may set the baseline of what to expect. During this temporary support period each county court, such as Los Angeles County has a Guideline that is used to calculate what is generally considered to be the appropriate amount of support. The Courts of course has discretion to order temporary support that is different from the Guideline. My approach is a calming and understanding approach, I work to help you negotiate a satisfactory spousal support settlement with your former spouse with minimal court intervention. However, I am ready to peruse court intervention if negotiations fail. Spousal support amounts and durations are dependent on many factors, including the duration of your marriage and difference in incomes.

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