Child Custody


ust the thought of divorce, child custody, child visitation and the potential conflicts stirs up a great deal of anxiety for most people. Most people fear that they will lose their parental rights or worst yet, they will be left out of their childrens lives all together. Thankfully, the truth is that California law does not prefer one parent, be it the mother or the father over the other.Judges know and understand that prior to divorce intact families where both parents are together, the typical scenario is one that leaves most child-rearing responsibilities to the mother, but this does not necessarily make it true after a divorce.Because of this, California courts generally recognize that children need access to both parents to thrive, that having access to and being involved with both parents is in the childs best interest. Absent special circumstances, California Judges encourage a child custody and visitation plans that involve both parents in the lives of their children.

In California, the courts usually think that it is in the child’s best interest for both parents to have meaningful contact with the children after a divorce. I believe that both parties should attempt to work together to find resolutions to legal issues to the extent they are able to do so without court intervention. If you are unable to come to an agreement, the process goes to family court services and possibly to a custody evaluation which is an expensive and time consuming process.

Child Custody Modification

Child Custody orders can be modified when some sort of a change happens in a childs or the parents life. This can be when the child starts school, when a teenager begins high school, when a parent remarries or other circumstances. Change in the parents or the childs life may warrant a change in the existing child custody arrangements.At the Law offices of Nezam & Associates we can help you with child custody/modifications issues.

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