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ou have a hard choice to make; it isn’t an easy thing to end a marriage, to consider a new life, to hire a lawyer, to move on and to make changes. I help people, just like you, get through a divorce. I work with my clients personally to help them move on during these times.

Firm OverviewInterview your future lawyer and make sure you get along and you have the same goal because this is very important to your case since your lawyer will be your voice during these times.When you interview us, we will give you a perspective on your family law case, what to expect, how to proceed, the cost and the possible outcomes.

You probably already know that every divorce and family law firm and attorney is different. Divorce cases do sometimes get messy but we will try from the very beginning to prevent such a situation by proper planning, clear communication and education. Our goal is to work with you as a team, to be the voice of you during these times.

So call me and let us discuss the journey of you through this divorce process. I firmly believe that court battles should be a last-resort option, and should be turned to only after attempting to find an amicable resolution through civilized negotiation. Our law firm serves people throughout the Los Angeles, Orange County and Southern California. We provide individualized services for our clients and allow them to make choices about the family law strategies they use. Settlements methods and agreements are an option, as well as litigation and mediation.

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